Troforte M Fert-O-Lawn


Environmental revolution in lawn fertiliser technology! You’ll never want to use an ordinary lawn fertiliser again.

  • Designed specifically for lawns including Buffalo, Zoysia, Couch and Kikuyu
  • Up to 60 minerals and 24 species of beneficial microbes, bacteria and fungi specifically chosen to enhance lawn growth and a thicker, more luxurious appearance.
  • Mini-granule size to ensure the fertiliser falls in between the grass blades and on to the soil
  • Develops the soil and root system to drastically improve drought resistance
  • After continued use you will notice earthworms returning to your soil creating better drainage and soil aeration
  • After continued use you will notice a considerable reduction in thatch
  • No quick fast flush of growth. You will see gentle, sustained and even green growth with Troforte®, over an extended period of time
  • Beneficial microbial activity and stronger root system means enhanced protection from pests and diseases such as Pythium

For the best results, apply Troforte® Fert-O-Lawn every 3-4 months with the scoop supplied or a lawn spreader

Troforte® Liquid Lawn Food can also be applied every 3 months to boost beneficial microbial populations in your soil.

Used in combination, the liquid and granular products will work in conjunction to create a carbon rich organic food that will help further boost soil microbial populations and help nutrient uptake to be optimised.

Tips for growing the best lawn:

  • Remove weeds as soon as they appear. Do not wait for them to go to seed and spread.
  • Avoid short frequent watering. Water deeply to penetrate the soil to about 120-170mm deep to train roots to travel deep to reach water and nutrients.
  • Most lawns grow best in a pH of between 6 and 7 (neutral or slightly acidic)
  • Mow grass shorter in the winter and longer in the summer months
  • Apply Troforte® Fert-O-Lawn at least 24 hours after mowing. Water in thoroughly after application (or apply before rains)


Laying new turf: 

  • Sprinkle the instructed dosage of Troforte® in with the turf underlay and composted material (green waste or animal manure), prior to laying the turf.
  • Once the turf is laid, apply another dosage of Troforte® Fert-O-Lawn as a top-dress on the lawn and water in thoroughly. Ensure the soil remains hydrated while the lawn roots are being established (please note your local water restrictions and special permissions when planting a new lawn)

Planting lawn seed:

  • Apply Troforte® Fert-O-Lawn at the same time as applying your lawn seed at the instructed dosage and water in well, ensuring that the soils stays moist while establishing your new lawn (please note your local water restrictions and special permissions when planting a new lawn).

Established Lawn Maintenance:

  • Apply Troforte® Fert-O-Lawn at least 24 hours after mowing. Water in thoroughly after application (or apply before rains)


How much does delivery cost? 

Delivery within the Perth Metro area is calculated by distance from our three stores - Melville, Stirling and Kingsley. 

  • Within 20km of each store - $20.00

Some products require delivery via a truck, require two people to assist the delivery, or are otherwise complex. These items attract a slightly higher delivery fee. 

  • Within 20km of each store - $79.00

Please note that we are unable to deliver to medical facilities (including hospitals) or nursing homes at this time. 

If your address falls outside of these zones, please get in touch and we'll look for a solution. 


What are your delivery times?

We currently offer delivery within the Perth Metro area via our in-house fleet of vehicles. Our deliveries are completed Monday to Friday between 8:00am - 6:00pm. 

Whilst we're not always able to guarantee a specific delivery window, you're welcome to request a day in your order notes and we will always do our best to accomodate your request. 

For smaller items that are able to be delivered by courier, typically these items are delivered during standard business hours. 


Our deliveries are contactless, and by choosing local Perth Metro delivery there is an assumed 'authority to leave', provided we are able to find a safe location to leave your goods.

Please note that all deliveries are curbside only. 

We deliver your order to your front door. Unfortunately we are unable to deliver items into your house or garden without prior arrangement. If you do have a specific delivery need, please contact us prior to purchase and we'll be happy to help. 

Delivery notes are always helpful - you can add these to your order at checkout. It is particularly important to note if there are any stairs, obstructions or impediments for us to be able to leave your delivery in a safe location. 

Upon delivery, we'll take a photograph of the location where we have safely delivered your goods. 

If we're unable to find a safe and suitable location to leave your goods, we'll attempt to contact you for further instructions. In extreme circumstances, we may need to charge a re-delivery fee if we're unable to deliver your order. 

Following delivery per the above guidelines, we are unable to accept any responsibility for damage or theft following delivery. 


Can items be sent outside of the Perth Metro area or interstate?

Shipping is available Australia-wide on some items - most accessories, small pottery and some our soils, fertilisers and chemicals. Please send us a message for shipping costs. 

For larger pottery, please contact us prior to purchase and we can arrange a quote for you from a range of couriers, depending on the product.

Please note that we are currently unable to send any plants via courier within Western Australia, however we're working on this! Plants are therefore only available for Perth Metro delivery or click and collect.

Due to quarantine requirements, we are unable to send any plants, some chemicals and soil microbes etc outside of Western Australia. 

We offer click and collect from our Melville, Kingsley and Stirling stores. Simply select "Click and Collect" and your desired store at checkout. 

Typically orders are ready for collection within 2-4 business days.

We are always looking to decrease this time, so you may receive a notification sooner if all of your items are in stock at that store. However, our stock moves very quickly, so sometimes we need to do a little shuffling to get your order ready for you. 

You will receive when your order is ready for collection - please wait for this email before popping in to collect your order. 

For some larger feature plants and pottery, we may need a few extra days to source these items, however we'll note in the product description where this is the case. 

Unless another arrangement has been made, all click and collect orders must be collected within 5 days of being ready. If this isn't possible, please get in touch. 

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