String of Bananas Care 101

String of Bananas (Senecio radicans) is a hardy succulent plant that tolerates most conditions. It has white flowers that appear at various times of the year, with light green leaves that look just like bananas. Perfect to flow over a bookshelf, windowsill or even in the office.


Thrives in bright indirect light. Can benefit from a few hours of direct sun. Not suited for low light conditions.


Water every 1-2 weeks, allowing soil to dry out between waterings. Expect to water more often in brighter light and less often in lower light.


Toxic to pets. 

Sad Plant Signs

Wrinkling leaves, dry potting mix: Thirsty plant, underwatered

Mushy stems, wet potting mix: Root rot, overwatered

Leaf drop: Low light, moisture-stress


Hot Tip:

To prevent balding on the top of the plant, ensure that your plants soil is getting plenty of sunlight. This can also help prevent root rot as soil may take longer to dry out if it isn't seeing any sun. 


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