How to Treat Spider Mites 101

Their webbing usually is the most notable indicator of their presence, but leaves will typically turn a splotchy yellow and be left with a tiny spotting or stippling after spider mites have been sucking at them.

Mites live in colonies, mostly on the underside of leaves, and feed by piercing leaf tissue and sucking up the plant fluids. 


Here's how to treat them:

1. Isolate the affected plant to avoid spreading the infection. 

2. For smaller infestations, try mixing up a Neem oil solution and spraying the plant until runoff. Wipe down the leaves after and try to remove all the mites you can see. 

3. Repeat this treatment every 7 days until you no longer see spider mites.

4. For serious infestations, use Mavrik and spray all over including undersides of leaves. Be sure to spray in a ventilated area, and avoid using if it's expected to rain within 24hrs of application. 

5. Repeat every 7 days until the issue resolves. 


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