How to treat Mealy Bug 101

Resembling small pieces of cotton or lint at a distance, they can often be mistaken for dust, mold, or some trapped fluff.

Mealy bugs can rapidly reproduce and cause an infestation, but if caught in the early stages, can be removed without any significant damage to the plant. 

These guys are one of the easier pests to get rid of.

Here's how to treat them:

1. Remove any that you can see with a paper towel or Q-tip soaked in rubbing alcohol. 

2. Mix up a Neem oil solution and spray all over. Be sure to get every nook and cranny as they love to hide.

3. Repeat the process weekly until you no longer see signs of infestation.

4. If the infestation is bad, sprinkle some systemic Bug Killer on the soil and water in. This should provide protection for up to 6 weeks.


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